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Business Connections, LLC has strategically partnered with a leading developer in delivering state-of-the-art Digital Signage solutions.

Interactive and non-interactive digital display systems are used in virtually every public venue to deliver dynamic content. The Selfinformed non-Interactive digital multimedia reader boards, located strategically through out the facility, deliver event information, visitor greetings, live TV, stock/weather/sports information, advertisements, and emergency announcements. The same information can also be displayed on the smaller digital displays located outside each conference or class room within the facility.

Complimenting the non-interactive systems or as a standalone, the Selfinform interactive and wayfinding solutions are used to locate people an/or places within a facility utilizing graphical and text directions along with campus and floor maps. In addition to wayfinding, these systems also display pertinent facility information such as area amenities, news, restaurants listings, emergency announcements, and much more.

Digital Signage
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